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Cyberthentic DataMagic     is a SaaS distributed product with customer dedicated components deployed in a private environment and a shared service platform in a Cyberthentic AWS cloud.



What’s included in a customer subscription package?

The backend automation kit (BAK) is a downloadable resource package customized to automate and secure data sharing for a fixed number of applications.
The 64+ Custom SDK is a pack of at least 64 distinct custom Java or JavaScript libraries for connecting respective applications into the fixed-size application network.
Control Panel App is a browser app that enables customers to monitor and manage applications and integrations in the fixed-size application network.
DataMagic Cloud Services generate backend automation kits, orchestrate their operation and ensure no customer data can be exposed along application connections.

Implement in hours vs. weeks

1. Subscribe to DataMagic and create a customer account.
2. Download your backend automation kit.
3. Plug 2 or more applications into the application network using a different custom SDK for each one
4. Launch the applications to be connected.
5. Use Control Panel App to connect applications and start data flows.
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