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Are you ready to re-imagine how we integration business applications?

Why now?

Over the last few decades, commercial and governmental organizations have been pushing to convert their processes from manual or analog to digital—hence the term digital transformation. When businesses go digital, they need to connect their software systems to automate their business processes. The result is a surge in cyberattacks targeting APIs and other application integration points.

What is at Stake?

If things remain as they are, many more businesses will die from cyberattacks that target application integrations and others will face surging compliance and insurance costs.

What is broken?

The prevailing industry wisdom is that securing business application integration points requires both secret private data and human engineers to handle it. The problem is cybercriminals are also human engineers and sometimes have more advanced technical skills the integration developers.

Fixing the Problem

At Cyberthentic, we believe that one effective solution is to simply eliminate the human element from the process of securing application integrations during both development and operations. More specifically, integration security is automated so that:

a. Both programmers and system administrators have no visibility to passwords, digital certificates, network addresses, encryption functions and keys, user behavior data or any other type of private data; and

b. Programmers use low-code or no-code tool kits to connect applications and require no knowledge of application security concepts.

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